Precision Equipment


Precision equipment manufacturers, end users and everybody interested in precise production or accurate measuring results find complete solutions at Fabreeka.


Whether in metrology with the need for CMM isolation (coordinate measuring machine) or laboratory equipment isolation for microscopes, Fabreeka is a proven and trusted partner in this and many other fields to provide customers with PAL and PLM low frequency vibration and shock isolation systems to maintain the designed accuracy of your equipment.


Some applications require custom systems and structural analysis and design of the support structures and frames used in conjunction with the isolation system and integrated in the machine design. Fabreeka’s experts are here to support you in those cases as well. Add their experience from countless successful projects to your task and let their customer-specific solutions together with high-quality products exceed your requirements. With decades of experience in foundation isolation, Fabreeka has all the answers to your questions from initial consultation to complete turnkey solutions.


Find out more reasons why Fabreeka can make an important difference in this field in which the degree of accuracy required for precision machine tools is ever-increasing.


Precision Manufacturing


Precision manufacturing is needed for many different industries such as aerospace, industrial, medical, military, semiconductor and many others. There, the equipment that cuts, turns, polishes and positions with nanotechnology can provide finishes and measurements within microns and even angstroms.


To achieve the best results possible with the equipment in every environment, Fabreeka has developed matching isolation and foundation products. Working with and at CNC machines or precision lathes, among many others, can be optimized by incorporating Fabcel pads, Fabcel Lev-L mounts, or Fabcel LeveLers.


When it comes to ultra-precision equipment being used in many industries including semiconductor wafer processing, optics and lens manufacturing and non-standard material machining processes, low frequency pneumatic Precision-Aire Leveling isolators (PAL) provide superior low frequency vibration isolation. Customers worldwide rely on Fabreeka PAL isolators, knowing that they meet the critical needs of metrology instruments, electron microscopes, inspection stations and other precision manufacturing equipment.




Laboratory work is a synonym for precision work where laboratory equipment isolation is a must. Professionals using tabletop microscopes and electron microscopes for biomedical research, semiconductor manufacturing or other tasks want the highest accuracy and the best resolution. To prevent human footfalls and structural vibration from decreasing performance and accuracy of their microscopes, many companies and institutions use PAL low frequency, pneumatic isolation systems which provide attenuation not only in laboratories and clean-rooms but wherever laboratory equipment isolation is on the agenda.


Analytical balances and precision scales also need stable work conditions for accurate measuring. Here, Fabreeka offers pneumatic isolation products and active systems for added vibration reduction to rule out that even small oscillations or vibration that can alter weight results go unnoticed by lab personnel. This could be the case when equipment is moved across the laboratory floor, heavy traffic outside affects the building or other activities in other areas of the building create vibration.


MRI and NMR become more and more important to study humans and materials. Fabreeka is committed to the science of MRI vibration isolation, working both ways with products that reduce the vibration coming from the environment and also the induced MRI vibration into the building. Thus, Fabreeka has provided customers with vibration isolation solutions for all types of high resolution MRI, NMR and Cryostat equipment ranging in size from 300 MHz to 900 MHz. All pneumatic isolator hardware for NMR applications is made non-magnetic using stainless, aluminum or brass and is designed to interface with the existing magnet support brackets at the desired height. MRI vibration isolation solutions include vibration measurements and the design of the support structures, including structural and dynamic analysis.




Metrology is a fascinating field with steady increases in measuring speed and accuracy of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) and optical equipment. Since vibration is one environmental factor which can compromise a CMM’s accuracy and repeatability, Fabreeka has extensively studied allowable vibration criteria and put a lot of work in developing Vibration Site Survey and Analysis services to help customers determine if they need CMM isolation or not. When it is the case, typically low frequency vibration of less than 50 Hz requires attenuation. Fabreeka pneumatic isolators such as PAL Isolators and PLM Mounts provide significant CMM isolation and for other metrology equipment requiring low frequency vibration control.


Along with the standard pneumatic isolation systems that let most CMM function properly, Fabreeka systems can also be custom-made to be integrated into the machine. When larger CMM require foundations, Fabreeka is the number one resource for pneumatic isolators or pad isolators for foundation isolation. Fabreeka can also offer a foundation turnkey solution including project management, demolition, foundation design and construction.

ISOTablA from Fabreeka are active isolator tables (or active table tops). The ISOModA product line consists of modular vibration isolation elements. All individual representatives of these active systems are ideal for applications in the nano and sub-nano range, as they enable the active isolation of vibrations in high-precision applications. They are therefore used in many high-tech industries, in laboratory, pharmaceutical and medical technology as well as in high-precision measurement applications. Active isolators from Fabreeka offer significant advantages compared to other systems available on the market.

Linear Motor-driven Active Vibration Isolation

The active isolator systems use a linear motor as the active drive. This increases the active actuator stroke by a factor of approximately 3 compared to the piezoelectric devices frequently used by competitors. This means that they can also be used in less favorable ambient conditions. Fabreeka’s active vibration isolation systems are based on a patented architecture that comprises up to three independent layers of active and up to two layers of passive vibration damping. The great flexibility of this design maximizes the performance of systems and installations. Customer-specific dimensions and special equipment are also possible on request.

Example in Semiconductor Processing

The settling times for measuring platforms with high acceleration in semiconductor processing machines are normally between 200ms and 300ms. With active stage platforms or stage attachments or with modular active vibration isolation systems from Fabreeka, these values can be reduced by a factor of approximately 10 thanks to the integrated technology. For example, the ISOTablA platform is able to reduce ambient vibrations by 10 dB at low frequencies of up to 1 Hz. The active isolation range is 0.5 Hz to 100 Hz.

Shaker Mode and Pre-Testing Capabilities

The ISOTablA shaker mode is available for early detection, as a test or for simulation. It can be used to determine in advance, e.g. using sensors, how the system or device to be isolated will later operate under vibration conditions. The ISOModA active isolation elements ensure maximum flexibility in practice. Their modular design means that even heavy machines, devices, and systems can be supported.

Customization and Load Capacity

A real plus point is that with loads of 100 to 1,000 kg on each isolator, an unlimited number of isolators can be coupled in one system (independently of each other). This is unrivalled and makes individual products and payloads possible for customers, enabling customized solutions and applications that perfectly match the design.

Meeting Industry Needs

Whether modular with ISOModA or as active table tops with ISOTablA, both product lines meet the needs and requirements that progressive companies place on active vibration damping for their applications down to the nano and sub-nano range. No matter which active isolation system is required, Fabreeka’s technical service and sales engineers are always on hand to help with the right choice and beyond.