Fabreeka Consulting And Project Management Services

Fabreeka® has been committed to providing the utmost in quality and service to our customers since our incorporation in 1917. The experience of our technical staff in addressing vibration isolation concerns will prove invaluable on your project.

To insure that the goals of your project are given thorough attention through all phases of the fabrication and installation, Fabreeka has an organized program structure to maximize the responsiveness and communication among all parties. Relationships we have developed on similar projects in the past will help to maintain the quality and schedule of your program.

Our Engineers can supervise critical phases of construction and prototype testing and provide responsibility for the design, installation and testing of your isolation system. Design review meetings are held with customers as part of overall project management.

Fabreeka’s approach to project management provides a two-stage effort. The first stage of the effort covers the design and analysis requirements and specifications. The second stage of the effort covers the fabrication, quality assurance, and in-field installation. We are confident that our Engineering team can supply the proper isolation system and deliver state-of-the-art performance.

As an extremely responsive company, Fabreeka can support projects from each of our worldwide facilities. We believe that you will find Fabreeka International easy to work with as we support your project requirements in a timely and economic fashion.