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The Stabilus Group was founded in 1934 in Koblenz, Germany. Since then, Stabilus has offered components for diverse applications. Stabilus began as a manufacturer of retrofittable stabilizers for the automotive industry, and in 1962 were the first company in the world to produce gas springs in series as standard equipment.


Since then, they have continued to establish a pioneering role: With a wide range of applications, Stabilus’ unique product range and decades of experience, they are the world’s leading manufacturer of solutions based on gas springs, dampers and electromechanical drives. Through regional branches and sales partners, Stabilus serves their customers worldwide with production plants in 9 countries and distribution to over 50 countries in Europe, North, Central and South America and in the Asian/Pacific region.


Fabreeka has been a member of the STABILUS group since 2016. STABILUS is the world market leader for gas springs and dampers, headquartered in Koblenz, Germany, with a worldwide network of production facilities and subsidiaries, including Fabreeka. Mark Wilhelms, CFO of STABILUS, was particularly pleased about the birthday of the 100-year-old subsidiary on October 8, 2018, congratulating with these words: “Fabreeka has a great and impressive company history. We are proud of the company’s product and engineering services and have taken another strategic step into vibration isolation and shock control with the integration of Fabreeka two years ago. Under our roof, the company has all the support and opportunities to continue to innovate and grow sustainably.”


ACE Controls


ACE Controls Inc. is a leading innovator in deceleration and motion control technology. For over a half century, ACE has provided both standard and custom products to meet your most demanding application requirements. We are committed to delivering the highest quality product using the latest technology. With locations across the globe, there is always an ACE expert nearby.


Tech Products


Tech Products manufactures elastomeric vibration isolators, shock mounts and other antivibration products. Tech Products’ engineers utilize dynamic testing capabilities and over 45 years of experience to solve all types of shock and vibration control problems. Since 1973, Tech Products has supplied solutions for a diverse variety of industries including power generation, on- and off-highway vehicles, military, agriculture, industrial equipment, medical, and HVAC.