Vibration Site Survey and Analysis Services


To protect, maintain and get the most out of your valuable equipment, Fabreeka offers you Vibration Site Survey and Analysis Services.


In almost all cases, it is advised to benefit from the results of these services prior to the installation of your machines and before low frequency vibrations or large shock inputs can affect their accuracy, repeatability and throughput.


Most precision machine tool and measuring machine manufacturers have established allowable vibration specifications for their machines. Therefore, it is recommended to quantify and analyze the vibration and shock criteria existing at a present or proposed installation site for equipment such as a precision machine tool, coordinate measuring machine (CMM) or other equally sensitive machine. That way, long term accuracy and reliability are assured. Such vibration surveys are regularly performed by our engineering staff for vibration isolation projects worldwide.


Fabreeka utilizes highly accurate instrumentation to quantify the amplitude and frequency of vibration to make proper vibration control recommendations. In doing so, our experts measure vibration at the proposed site or sites of your installation, analyze the data and present the results in specified formats. Measurements are carried out simultaneously in three axes, using highly sensitive seismometers which accurately record amplitudes of vibration at very low frequencies.


Moreover, we have established a structured sensor calibration and equipment upgrade program to ensure state-of-the-art measurement reliability and accuracy.


Contact us to benefit from a site vibration survey and analysis report! This important service will determine the frequency content of vibration amplitudes which exceed the allowable floor vibration specification for your machine or machines. If the result is that a machine’s allowable vibration limit is exceeded, we will propose the appropriate isolation system for your situation. What’s more, Fabreeka can plot both before and after data vs. criteria.


Special Vibration Site Surveys


Our engineering staff is also often requested to perform measurements which require special data analysis, including tip and tilt phenomena, foundation/isolation system natural frequencies, long-duration time studies and other specialized analyses.


We encourage your requests for unique measurement requirements since it is better for you and your customers to be absolutely certain of all possible conditions that could impact a site before your equipment is installed.