Boston, MA: Fabreeka-TIM® structural thermal break is an energy saving, load bearing
thermal break used between flanged steel connections worldwide. To give contractors,
architects, engineers and anyone else interested in the building industry the opportunity
to make the most of Fabreeka-TIM® on site, Fabreeka offers its new Guide Specification




The guide specification is written in Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) 3-Part
Format in accordance with the CSI Construction Specifications Practice Guide,
MasterFormat and SectionFormat/PageFormat. Founded in March 1948 by the
specification writers of government agencies who came together to improve the quality of
construction specifications, one part of CSI’s work is currently focused on standards and



In line with the CSI standards, Fabreeka has created the guide specification for
STRUCTURAL THERMAL BREAKS in the well-established 3-Part Format. More
information on Fabreeka-TIM®, the structural thermal break and insulation material and
the helpful, new Fabreeka-TIM Structural Thermal Break CSI 3-Part Guide Specification

Fabreeka provides new Fabreeka-TIM Structural Thermal Break CSI 3-Part Guide

Specification and other valuable information on brand new homepage


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