Company History

Fabreeka is an international company focused on the development and manufacture of components to control vibration and shock. Fabreeka’s experience in shock and vibration technology began in 1936 with the development of the unique Fabreeka Pad. This resilient, preformed fabric pad provided shock and vibration control characteristics that were far superior to anything available at that time. The Fabreeka pad is still used for shock control in applications today.

Later developments in anti vibration include the Fabcel pad, a high quality nitrile pad, which was patented in 1964. Shortly thereafter, DIMFAB 280 isolation material was introduced to meet the specifications for Distributed Isolation Material (DIM) specified for use in the US Navy submarines and surface ships.

Our UK operation was opened in 1965 followed by a Canadian operation in 1968. Our international operations expanded in 1972 with a facility in Holland and in 1996 with a facility in Germany. In 1992, we developed vacuum-compatible, pneumatic isolators for use in space simulation testing, and we continue to design solutions for the Aerospace and Automobile testing markets today. We acquired our Tech Products subsidiary in 1999, who design and manufacture molded anti vibration and shock isolators for the transportation, aerospace/defense and commercial equipment industries.

These developments were the direct result of close cooperation between our customers and Fabreeka employees, both in North America and Europe. Our most recent addition is a sales and engineering office in Taiwan that supports our customers throughout Asia.

An international presence demonstrates Fabreeka’s ongoing tradition of excellence in vibration and shock technology. Fabreeka’s dedicated employees are committed to providing superior engineering, quality products and outstanding customer service – worldwide.

Fabreeka Timeline:

1918 Incorporated
1919 Strategic partnership with Goodyear
1936 Development of Fabreeka pad, research done at MIT
1964 Fabcel patented
1965 Opened UK division
1968 Opened Canadian subsidiary
1972 Opened Holland subsidiary
1992 Vacuum compatible pneumatic system developed
1995 Precision-Aire mount patented
1996 Opened German division
1999 Acquired Tech Products subsidiary
2007 Opened Taiwan division