Fabreeka Finite Element (FEA) Analysis Services

Examining mode shapes in a vibrating structure is a valuable step in adjusting vibration amplitudes by varying the stiffness, mass or damping.

A finite element analysis will define and model the mode shapes and response frequencies of a structure, as well as the response of the isolation system to machine-induced inputs and/or environmental inputs.


Mode shapes (stiffness in each axis) identify any deformations, such as bending or twisting. In general, a structure’s modes indicate the relative degree of structural stiffness among various points on that structure.

The finite element model will also indicate any stress concentrations in a structure. Stresses are related to the geometry of the structure and the distribution of loads and forces acting upon it. A stress analysis will indicate the magnitude of stress imposed by static and dynamic loading.

FE Analysis of a structure

Fabreeka uses NASTRAN software to create finite element models of machine bases, foundations, mezzanines, building floors, and other