Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Services


Do not stress when you need advice regarding inertia blocks and support foundations that are sometimes required as part of an isolation system design.


Fabreeka is here to help you with expertise that includes the structural analysis and design of structures such as rigid concrete masses, machine bases, foundations, mezzanines and building floors.


With our engineers and their state-of-the-art equipment you can examine mode shapes in a vibrating structure and take a valuable step in adjusting vibration amplitudes by varying the stiffness, mass or damping.


Also, a finite element analysis carried out by us will define and model the mode shapes and response frequencies of a structure as well as the response of the isolation system to machine-induced inputs and/or environmental inputs. After all, mode shapes (stiffness in each axis) identify any deformations, such as bending or twisting. In general, a structure’s modes indicate the relative degree of structural stiffness among various points on that structure.


Along with this information, the finite element model will also indicate any stress concentrations in a structure. Stresses are related to the geometry of the structure and the distribution of loads and forces acting upon it. Thus, a stress analysis will show you the magnitude of stress imposed by static and dynamic loading and will play an important role to give you all the information required for achieving the desired isolation system for your task.