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Fabreeka brings over 100 years of competence and experience in shock control and vibration isolation. Headquartered in Stoughton, MA, and operating globally, Fabreeka is a leading supplier of high-quality products coupled with first-class service thanks to its many years of experience and great strength for innovative solutions. The development into an important role in the history of vibration isolation emerged early. Godfathers of this success were two international capacities that already had an excellent reputation at the time of Fabreeka’s incorporation in the year 1918.


Isolation of buildings and constructions; solutions for aerospace and automotive test equipment; eliminating vibrations and shocks in refineries and mining, as well as in various other industrial environments; the applications of Fabreeka are almost as numerous as their products are varied. The foundation of this market position is the Fabreeka pad. Made of fabric-reinforced elastomer, this component was ahead of its time in terms of vibration and shock absorption properties. Proof of this is that Fabreeka pads are still being used globally, more than 80 years after their market launch and continually optimized, where absorption of impact shock and isolation of transmitted vibration is desired.


This benchmark product was the result of a close collaboration in the early days with engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Goodyear. The cooperation with MIT continues to this day. The customer-oriented approach of Fabreeka has left a lasting impression. General Manager David Meyer and his team are committed to this tradition: “Many companies offer products for vibration isolation and shock control, Fabreeka demonstrably delivers sophisticated technical solutions. Understanding customer-specific requirements and pairing the necessary solutions with proven products has been one of our strengths for 100 years. We feel committed in doing so in the future as well, by providing integrated and often turnkey solutions. The increasing digitization of some core markets, such as, for example, in the field of test equipment, but also in mechanical engineering in general, lets Fabreeka face new and interesting challenges. We will continue to write our 100-year success story by further integrating our products. Our engineers have been dedicated to the topic of Industry 4.0 since its early stages, allowing customers today, as well as in the near future to benefit by using extensive and integrative products and services.”


Another innovation, the Fabcel pad, was developed in 1962 and equipped with properties to provide low frequency vibration isolation and reduction of impact shock. Shortly thereafter, DIMFAB 280 isolation material was marketed by meeting the requirements set by the US Navy for vibration isolation applications in submarines and surface ships. The broadening of the product range was accompanied by global success. The UK branch was opened in 1965, followed by one in Canada in 1968, a site in the Netherlands in 1972 and in Germany in 1996.


Fabreeka has been developing vacuum-compatible pneumatic isolators for use in space simulation testing since 1992 and continues to design solutions in strong partnerships with today’s aerospace and automotive testing specialists. Recently, a Taiwanese technical sales office was opened to provide support to partners and users in Asia. While Fabreeka’s international presence demonstrates the worldwide demand for the products, the competence of the company to provide customized solutions around the globe is also noteworthy. Satisfied customers point out that in addition to high-quality standard solutions, Fabreeka also offers valuable engineering services, such as vibration measurement and analysis, structural design, and FEA modal analysis.


As an answer to growing requirements worldwide for structural thermal breaks to reduce energy loss within commercial and residential buildings, Fabreeka has perfected Thermal Insulation Material (TIM). Today, green Fabreeka-TIM® is a trade-mark recognized the world over for its more energy-efficient buildings. Thanks to its long history in the building and construction industry, the company has many knowledgeable engineers on staff ready to assist customers in a market that is not only literally growing, but also has a particular responsibility for the future of our cities and the global climate.


Fabreeka provides more cutting edge solutions by actively reducing vibrations with pneumatic isolation systems. They are optimally suited for conditions in which height control and low-frequency vibration control must be present at the same time, even using clean-room compatible materials if required. Thanks to these offers, the company is well- prepared to further expand its position over the next 100 years.


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