Fabreeka International has been a leader in the field of shock and vibration control since 1936. Our corporation provides vibration isolation and shock control solutions for industries worldwide.

The reliable performance of our isolation systems is proven by sound engineering principles and tested performance. Fabreeka is more than a manufacturer of isolators. We engineer solutions for your vibration and shock problems.

Contact us at any one of our worldwide facilities for assistance. Fabreeka has sales offices located throughout the world including the US, Canada, Argentina, Chile, the UK, Germany, South Africa, Italy, Spain, India, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Australia.

Corporate/North America:
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Fabreeka International, Inc.
1023 Turnpike Street
Stoughton, MA 02072
Tel: 800-322-7352
Tel: 781-341-3655
Fax: 781-341-3983
e-mail: info@fabreeka.comCountries/Territories:
United States, Canada,
Mexico, Latin America,
South America, South Africa
Australia, New Zealand
The United Kingdom:

ACE Fabreeka UK
Unit 404 Easter Park
Haydock Lane
Haydock WA11 9TH
Tel: +44(0) 1942 727440
Fax: +44(0) 1942 717273
e-mail: info@ace-fabreeka.co.ukCountries/Territories:
England, Ireland, Scotland
Fabreeka GmbH Deutschland
Hessenring 13
D-64572 Büttelborn
Tel: (49) 6152-9597-0
Fax: (49) 6152-9597-40
e-mail: info@fabreeka.deCountries/Territories:
Germany, All European
Countries (except UK),
Korea, Israel, Russia,

Fabreeka International, Inc.
PO Box 1246
Tainan 70499 TAIWAN
Tel: (886) 935-273-732
or: (886) 970-273-732
e-mail: info@fabreeka.twCountries/Territories:
Taiwan, China,
Southeast Asia,