Fabreeka’s isolation solutions prevent disturbing shock and vibration from causing structural damage or acoustic discomfort for occupants in buildings and other structures. Many buildings have been successfully isolated from subway or other environmental inputs by providing materials for the base slabs and column footings.

Fabreeka’s experience includes the dynamic response of steel fabrications and support structures. Our services include measuring building floor vibration, displacement response of floors/mezzanines and FEA modeling of structures to predict performance.

Fabreeka’s thermal insulation material (Fabreeka-TIM®) provides a thermally efficient, energy-saving product that prevents thermal bridging in structural connections. Fabreeka-TIM® is a load bearing thermal break used between flanged steel connections. The primary benefit is that it maintains structural integrity while reducing heat loss.

Fabreeka structural expansion bearings provide a durable sliding surface with a low coefficient of friction to allow for thermal expansion and contraction in buildings and structures. The structural expansion bearings can be used in all steel and concrete structures.