Fabreeka’s Expertise in Vibration Isolation and Impact Shock Control

Vibration isolation and shock control is a specialized discipline within the field of mechanical engineering. Many companies offer vibration and shock isolation products – Fabreeka provides engineered solutions.

Many of our potential customers know they have a vibration or shock problem but do not know the correct way to solve it. In any given application, there may be several ways to address the problem, but the most effective solution might involve trade-offs. The solution for unwanted vibration or shock could come at the cost of isolation efficiency, expense or other vibration factors that impact performance. Our engineers can provide a comprehensive solution.

Fabreeka engineers have provided successful solution in a range of industries from iron and steel, to automobile and aircraft manufacturing, to space exploration. In addition to product recommendations for straightforward applications, Fabreeka provides engineering services including vibration measurement and analysis, structural design, dynamic (modal) analysis and finite element analysis (FEA) modeling for unique/custom applications.

The optimum solution can involve more than just the correct vibration isolator. Fabreeka engineers have over 75 years of vibration isolation and shock control knowledge and experience to offer our customers.