military defenseFabreeka isolation products are used on a variety of military applications to attenuate shock and vibration and reduce structure-borne noise. The original, resilient Fabreeka laminated Fabreeka pad still sets the standard for conformance to the difficult range of specifications required by government agencies. Fabreeka isolation materials are used on all types of ground support equipment vehicles from tanks to personnel carriers. Fabreeka pad is also used to absorb shock in armaments including applications on the F-16 fighter plane and the new MRAP vehicle.

DIMFAB pads have been used onboard surface and undersea vessels to isolate vibration and structure-borne noise. DIMFAB 280 mounting pads meet or exceed Navy specifications regarding environmental requirements including salt spray, temperature storage, oil immersion, ozone etc. Typical isolated equipment on vessels includes propulsion systems, communications equipment, electrical and hydraulic equipment and reciprocating machinery.