elevatorsFabreeka padswashers and bushings have long been used to eliminate objectionable structure-borne noise in buildings from the operation of passenger elevators. The installation of the pad, washer and bushing combination completely isolates the transmission path of structure-borne noise and vibration.

Roller Guide Tires – Fabreeka pad material is used as roller guide tires attached to the side of the cab to bear against the stationary frame to cushion side impact. Excellent wearing characteristics combined with the vibration and shock absorbing capabilities of the Fabreeka pad, make it an ideal material for this application.

Elevator Car Isolation – Fabreeka pads, washers and bushings are used to insulate the metal contacts between the car crosshead (hoisting cable attachment) and the car body. This prevents the transmission of vibration from the hoisting machinery through the cables to the car.

Car and Counterweight Rail Brackets – Fabreeka pads, washers and bushings are placed between the rail brackets and building structure to provide structure-borne noise isolation.

Motor Hydraulic Pump Unit – Fabreeka pads, washers and bushings are used to isolate the bolted connections to the supporting structure. In some instances, Fabcel pads can also be used under lighter loads and when disturbing frequencies are lower.

It is important to remember that any metal-to-metal or metal-to-concrete point of contact can transmit structure-borne noise. Fabreeka pads, washers and bushings are recommended at all such points to prevent this vibration “short-circuit”.