Fabreeka Bedding pads have been successfully used for many years under steel bridge shoe masonry plates to provide uniform load distribution on highway and railroad bridges.

Fabreeka Bridge Rail pads have made the installation of railings simpler and more efficient. SA-47 pad is supplied to the size and shape of the rail support contact area. The pad evenly distributes the loading and hold-down forces from the bolts by conforming to the irregularities of the concrete surface. High compressive strength and limited creep characteristics distinguish this material from typical unreinforced neoprene pads. The durability of the Fabreeka Bridge Rail pads makes them an excellent alternative to epoxy and grout installation methods.

In use since 1966, Fabreeka’s Drain Trough material is a flexible water drainage system for use on roadway bridges and overpasses. Designed for installation under the expansion joint fingers, these flexible troughs channel water into rigid down spouts and avoid water dripping on vehicles passing under the bridge.

Fabreeka Lamp Post pads are an excellent and economical way to dampen shock and vibration induced by wind and traffic. Pads are supplied to the exact size, shape and bolt hole pattern of the lamp post base. Lamp post pads help to evenly distribute loadings and adapt to any irregularities in the concrete mounting surfaces while providing damping to reduce post motion. Additionally Fabreeka washers and bushings are utilized to completely isolate the lamp post from transmitted vibration.

Fabreeka structural expansion bearings, provide a durable sliding surface with a low coefficient of friction to allow for thermal expansion and contraction in bridges. These bearings can include an elastomeric bearing pad to compensate for rotation. The structural expansion bearings can be used on steel and precast concrete bridges.