New QuietDown®, acoustic floor underlay

11月 17th, 2015

Fabreeka International Introduces New Acoustic Floor Underlay

November 17, 2015 Boston, MA-USA – Fabreeka International is pleased to introduce Fabreeka® QuietDown®, acoustic floor underlay. Fabreeka QuietDown is a multi-purpose, high performance acoustic underlay engineered to reduce sound transmission through subfloors. It is manufactured from durable recycled rubber, which translates into a stronger, more resilient acoustic underlay. Fabreeka QuietDown reduces mid to high frequency impact sounds, such as sliding chairs, moving furniture, people walking in hard soled shoes, children dropping toys, pots or items being dropped in kitchens. It is perfect for condos, kitchens, playrooms, hotels, institutional settings and anywhere else where noise transmission is a concern. Available for a wide variety of flooring types such as ceramic tile, stone, hardwood, engineered wood, laminate, commercial carpet and vinyl, Fabreeka QuietDown offers incredible sound damping qualities. Easy-to-install sheets are thinner, lighter, and stronger than conventional underlays. Laying and trimming is quick and easy. All Fabreeka QuietDown products are engineered from recycled rubber, so every square foot you install means less landfill waste. For contractors, this means Fabreeka QuietDown contributes to green content and LEED credits. Please contact us or visit our website for our new product catalog.