Fabreeka International introduces new Fabreeka-TIM® LT Series products for light load applications

July 20, 2016 Boston, MA-USA – Fabreeka International is pleased to introduce our Fabreeka-TIM® LT series thermal break material for light load applications. The Fabreeka-TIM® LT series is designed for applications such as facade support brackets and clips, metal building framing and certain concrete / precast connections. For these types of lighter load applications, the Fabreeka-TIM® LT Series thermal breaks were designed to provide the most energy savings with the best return on investment. For long life, designed compressive stress should not exceed loading of 1,500 psi for LT15 or 500 psi for LT5. Made from recycled materials, which helps to achieve LEED credits, the Fabreeka-TIM® LT series provides better thermal insulation than vinyl and plastics while reducing corrosion between dissimilar metals. Have a thermal break application you are considering? Please contact Fabreeka’s Engineering department for assistance, or visit our website for more information.